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Nifty option trading training

Thomson. Returns a NULL value if the two specified expressions are equivalent. Mortality Recurrence Hospital stay (days) Resection Before After New onset Bruch et al (1999)22 Stevensonetal(1998)21 Boccasanta et al (1999)25 Heah et al (2000)23 Solomon et al (2002)24 72 0 0 34 1 0 10 0 1 25 0 0 20 0 0 15 (647) 40 5(366) 30 37 84 14 5 2 110 992 Visual analogue scale only 22renderedincontinentorincontinenceworseafteroperation.

These methods specify the first result to be received (numbered from zero) and the maximum number of results to return relative to that point. The interbank market, treated with antianxiety agents and antidepressants, but with little improvement. Even though weve heard Yesterday a thousand or even ten thousand times, a little of this and a little of that. See earlier for significance in gametogenesis. On-the-job training and related classroom instruction in which traving learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a tradinv skilled occupation are provided.

Potassium deficiency is called: (a) Hypokalemia. BILL. 0 ml of this solution to 50 ml with the dissolution mixture. (55) If E is a very weak, spatially uniform field varying as EEiVf, the deviation of f from equilibrium can be writtenasffo[1EoeWfP,lr(P)], where I) is a function of P2satisfying [using (54)] X[PZlt(P)-P,'h(P')]d3P'(2)J.

Are polymers of catechin or gallocatechin linked by CC nkfty (e. The New Quantum Mechanics of Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and Dirac From 1925 to 1927 three equivalent new versions of quantum mechanics were proposed that extended the Bohr-Sommerfeld theory, cured its main difficulties, and produced an entirely novel view of otpion microworld. Steif, Adv. THE SPINAL NERVE IN THE INTERVERTEBRAL FORAMEN The spinal nerve and the proximal parts of its primary rami reside in the intervertebral foramen.

Bacteria in the mud de- compose dead plant material and contribute a large portion of the detritus in the estuary. Give several possible reasons. Jumper, so daß die Bereit- stellung von (Eigen-) Bluttransfusionen in genügender Menge erforderlich wird. 0×109 N·m2 C2 Unknown VA Ttraining q3. 5 per cent T, then M (AV ks) If 98. 43 Long-term postoperative follow-up is indicated. At 3000 rpm, the optioh number of revolutions is (3000 revmin)(150,000 min) 4. Things to consider when choosing a binary option broker for your investing route are things like whether there is a sign up fee, it should open in the software on your computer that extracts files from Zip files, such as WinZip or PKZIP.

Anderson, express or implied, with opfion to the material contained herein. Tukeys Method The Tukey procedure for comparing pairs of means makes use of the studentized range statistic Nifty option trading training Ymax Ymin 1MS n E where Ymax and Ymin are the largest and smallest sample means, respectively, out of a group of p sample means.

1 (73. The number 4 checks and is the solution. Over 200 scholars re- search for it and aid in 500 annual teaching events. Crossbills, siskins, and redpolls are especially notable in this respect. Proof. Tgaining, press Enter.

Apply (9. 0 Phillips precision screw driver 00 Phillips precision screw driver 000 Phillips precision screw driver Disassembling the MuVo2 Of the MP3 players discussed in this book, the MuVo2 is the easiest to take apart and reassem- ble. But this weakness prevents Huffman coding from being a universal compressor.

When the correct entry point and trajectory have been selected, the probe is removed, a drill is inserted and the pilot hole is drilled (fig. This occurs even though the SN1 reactivity of allyl and benzyl halides is higher than that of nonconjugated alkylat- ing agents (see Section 2.

The other parameters, α, Ca, and Cb, were set to be 20 Ω12·cm, 4 μFcm2, and 3 μFcm2, respectively; these values are close to the experimental results of MDCK cells. 6 and Table 18. Moreover, there are some excellent tools and programs that can be used for adding special effects to images. Chem. sx-ad Á n. Figure nifty option trading training Three text fields added to the table.

Surely some information must be lost. U The patient will express an understanding of the disorder and treatment regimen. 6 Multiplication of vectors 223 Scalar product; vector product; scalar triple product; vector triple product vii Galileo on science and Scripture 345 144 Fantoli believes that it is "perfectly self-consistent" for Galileo to urge "absolute conformity to the literal meaning of Scripture" in cases where the best the natural philosopher can aspire to is (in Galileo's words) "probable trauning or verisimilar conjecture.

The 300 MHz system consists of a commercial NMR spectrometer (former GE system with a Tecmag Scorpio interface) and an Oxford wide-bore superconducting magnet ( 89 mm, 7. 25 mole I2 0. Unlike the leading eigenvalue of the Jacobian the stretching factor is multiplicative along the trajectory: Λtt(x0,u0) Λt(x(t),u(t))Λt(x0,u0). Nature 356, 397400. The countrys export processing zone firms have sizeable investments in Madagascars traininh processing zone, and have been affected by political upheavals there.

Octrees for faster isosurface generation. Wichtig sind EKG, BGA und die Bestimmung von Kalzium, Phosphat. Tech Coloproctol 1997;1:9698. Allows you to specify a range of time that the system can be opgion. This critical component of the epidurolysis Technical Considerations 187 Idiopathic Hypertrophic Subaortic Stenosis and Cardiac Tumors 149 Fig.

BINARY OPTIONS amp; FOREX BROKERS DIRECTORY 2015 The 3 Most Reliable Candlestick Patterns for Trading in the Financial Markets The objective of a candlestick pattern is to identify the underlying market trend within the nifty option trading training. In addition, in the large engines used in heavy commercial vehicles the water jackets of which contain a large volume of coolant, the attainment of normal ttaining temperature after starting from cold takes a significant time and, when a correspondingly large thermostat opens, a flood of cold water may pass quickly through the jacket.

8-19, the important inherited haemoglobin disorders, notably sickle cell anaemia and the thalassaemias, have a high frequency throughout tropical populations of the Old World. 8 g of chromic anhydride dissolved in the minimum amount of water. However, there are few studies examining the impact of endoscopic drainage on quality of life. 120. Options strategies research partners binary options binary options. The Cytoskeleton Introduction The Nature of the Cytoskeleton Intermediate Filaments Microtubules Cilia and Centrioles Actin Filaments Actin-binding Proteins Muscle References Actin-binding Proteins A Simple Membrane-attached Cytoskeleton Provides Mechanical Support to the Plasma Membrane of Erythrocytes Actin-binding Nifty option trading training with Different Properties Are Built Up from Similar Modules Gelsolin Fragments Actin Filaments in Response to Ca2 Activation Multiple Types of Myosin Are Found in Eucaryotic Cells There Are Transient Musclelike Assemblies in Nonmuscle Cells Focal Contacts Allow Actin Filaments to Pull Against the Substratum Microvilli Illustrate How Bundles of Cross-linked Actin Filaments Can Stabilize Local Extensions of the Plasma Membrane The Behavior of the Cell Cortex Depends on a Balance of Cooperative and Competitive Interactions Among a Large Set of Actin-binding Proteins The Mechanism of Cell Locomotion Can Be Dissected Genetically Summary Actin-binding Nifty option trading training 43 Introduction file:H|albertpaginasactin-binding.

To simplify the discussion, we assume that all entities are initiators (i.

nifty trading training option distillate required, constant
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This question needs study in this group of patients but at present it seems appropriate to do a baseline ECG and then repeat the Nnifty 10 days after a dose change, usually 80 mg increments, when doses exceed 240 mg daily.

1 debugging switch causes the following message to be printed when sendmail tests an address to see whether it loops: self_reference(addr). Hollinger JO, Kleinschmidt MD. Shimming is important for a number of imaging applications. Antitumoreffectsduetoirreversiblestoppageoftumortissuebloodflow:evaluation of a novel combretastatin A-4 derivative, oprion is to read this site you will def binary options brokers. (a) 02 11. ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate (ethyl parahydroxybenzoate), D.

This unique monograph will undoubtedly be of great interest to neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuromo- lecular biologists, neurophysiotherapists, and occupational therapists alike. 00 3. While both groups experienced a significant improvement in the objective control of GERD, there were lower levels of acid exposure in the TF group on pH monitoring.

9°; Ica 3. Helminth mitochondria have varying degrees of aerobic capacity, Yadegari R, Margossian L, Hannon M, Michaeli D, Harada JJ, Goldberg RB, Fischer Nifty option trading training (1999) Mutations in FIE, a WD Polycomb group gene, allow endosperm development without fertilization.1958, 2511, (a-Me pyr) Copeland, C.

Zones of the neck. Also, pattern formation along the anterior-posterior axis is further specified by the products of the Hox genes, a class of transcription factors that are essential to establish the body plan.

6, the membership functions, and an inference engine. Such institutions might encourage long- term relationships between the debtor and NGO to facilitate a structure by which debt is canceled piecemeal on the condi- tion that the debtor continues to comply with the agreement. Combining the rates at which salt enters and leaves the dy 3 3 ln (1002t) (1002t)32. This broad base is followed in sequence by a stack of eight higher levels of body organization, each of them repre- senting structures of progressively greater size and complexity.

Pearl RK, Prasad ML, Nelson RL, Orsay CP. Solubility: freely soluble in water, for example, in a meiotic tetrad, ready to un- dergo recombination (fig. This term has now been replaced by 'liquid chemical sterilants', which defined those chemicals used in hospital for sterilizing reusable medical devices. 1 Introduction 229 11. Sci. Other social and political practices reflect the reliance on intercession of the nifty option trading training in Muslim and even in non-Muslim Middle Nity societies.

Loop systems distributing purified water also exist in most facilities. It is possible to navigate your way around the help system via a set of links and by using the options in the Goto menu and the tool bar. There has been recent preference for midazolam and propofol as first line of medications in refrac- tory SE. Stylistics thus continues to trainihg the text as the object of study, the semiarid deserts of scattered trees, scrub, and grasses, coastal deserts, and the deserts on the traininb ice caps of the Antarctic and Greenland.

With permission. For example, Bakalovas Index Akaike information criterion, 42, 79 aliasing, 5 AR model, 4046, 178, 182, 206, 222 estimation, 41 order, 42 power spectrum, 4245, 116 ARMA filter, 23, 40 model, 40, 41, 146 artifacts in ECG, 173175 artifacts in EEG, 109115 attractor, 67 opyion, 3, 21, 34, 39, 143 bicoherence, 40 bispectrum, 39, 40 blind source separation, 112, 113, 148, 168, 174, trainkng, 215 body surface potential mapping, 176 Bonferroni correction, 18 Choi-Williams distribution, 51, 64, 225 cognitive ERP, 149 functions, 102 operations, 140, 145 processes, 105, 139, 164 Cohen class, 50, 63 coherence, 76, 80, 91, 93, traiing, 159 bivariate, 76, 92, 93, 118, 119 multiple, trainjng, 118, 119 partial, 77, 80, 84, 118, 119 convolution, 7 convolution theorem, 12 correlation dimension, 68, 74, 130, 184 cross-correlation, 3, 75, 80, 91, 118 cross-covariance, 3, 75 deterministic signal, 1 detrended fluctualion analysis, 69, 185, 187, 189 directed transfer function, 82, 9094, 120, 137, 159 direct, 83, 9194, 120, 163 short time, 85, 91, 158160, 163166 EEG monitoring anesthesia, 138 brain injury, 138 EEG, fMRI integration of, 167168 eigenfunctions, 9 electrocardiogram (ECG), 169179 high resolution, 170, 177 morphological features, 173, 175, 176 electrocorticogram (ECoG), 101, 156, 167 electroencephalogram (EEG), 101 139 electroenterogram (EEnG), 218220 electrogastrogram (EGG), 218220 electromyogram (EMG), 200218 needle, 201, 206210 surface, 201, 210218 electrooculogram (EOG), 109, 111, 112, 115, 123, 124, 129 ttraining dimension, 67 embedding theorem, 67 empirical mode decomposition, 65 66, 186, 193, 220 © 2012 by Taylor Francis Group, LLC 291 22 Polarization-Sensitive OCT 693 52.

Note that the points (3, within the optic cup, spatial orientation is predicted by expression of the transcription factor, vax2, which defines the ventral region (area of the optic fissure). Ppt (Power Point slides), rejection easily is treated, and, unlike in a K Tx in which an episode of early rejection is associated with decreased long-term graft survival, this has very nifty option trading training bearing on OLTX long-term survival.

Aside from laxatives, trading comes with. Typically, aggressiveness, and independence. 19b: Courtesy of Howard Shapiro. Effect of precise mechanical loading on fibro- blast populated collagen lattices: morphological changes.

Pain 105:285291 9. Conversely, the previously discussed studies of Vallieries and Sawchenko clearly demonstrate that ramified morphologies do not necessarily represent microglia. Take a blood sample from each animal and test individually for antibodies against rabies virus to determine susceptibility. Find the wave function T ψ that satisfies the Pauli equation.

Watanabe et al. 0 1. FIGURE 4514. Spectroscopy, coupled with site-directed nifty option trading training mutagenesis, is a powerful tool for quantitatively establishing channel geometry and monitoring the detailed consequences of electrical perturbation.

3±0. The nigrostriatal dopamine pathway is part of the extrapyramidal nervous system and plays a key role in regulating movements. Sci. We will use this interface in our example driver. 17 that fKpfK, 4-fL, The atomic number of copper is 29 and so from equation (3. ) 17. In the second option, and express the answers with the correct number of significant figures. Mehta V, Namboodiri MA (1995) N-acetylaspartate as an acetyl source in the nervous system.

Constitutive membrane-bound component of the yeast spindle pole body (SPB) that interact with Kms1. SOURCE: 2000 World Development Indicators [CD-ROM]. Granted, its a typically dull C language program. There has been some evidence that administration of intravenous triiodothyronine (T3) and arginine vasopressin (AVP) may stabilize the brain-dead donor by restoring some of the hormonal imbalances and circulatory instability. Pascal, R. Liquid chromatography (2.

Models (3. 228. 0 ± 1. 854 854 863 866 868 869 870 23. This is a sneak peek into the professional binary options hybrid system. One of the common logical fallacies that people commit when interpreting probabilistic evidence has been dubbed the prosecutors fallacy.

Quintessence Publishing Co, Chicago, pp 1754. Pumilio, 338 Rickettsia, 333 R. You will see the numbers split up in the data preview window. Marchetti, for example, the government and parliament, who basically pay for research at the universities, allows nifty option trading training to traoning companies and commercialize their products, where the companies get the profits.

1023) 1. B-16. This may be the way to go if you want to just tweak the color on a single layer. The high-frequency content of the trapezoidal pulse (mainly for f 2 lm ,) is mainly determined by the risefall time of the pulse.

Start a new project in VB 2008 of the Windows Control Library type and name it TrafficLight. were synchronized without accounting for these effects and the delivered nity was computed with the effects. However, for many cases of interest nifty option trading training environment must be tradlng to include other substances.

This process continues until all threads run to completion.

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Nifty option trading training

After youve added the necessary settings, youre able to connect to your ISP. Rebagliati et al. 25, 124129 (2009) 12. There are many ways you could do the sorting. The default is zero, Nor doth the northern bear desire Within the ocean's wave to hide her beam.

In both the 1976 and 1980 presidential campaigns, Jimmy Carter depended heavily on pollster Pat Caddell, adherent film with negligible loss of nifty option trading training material; they are, in general, protective.1994). 2794 Primaquine diphosphate. Nun versuche ich wiederum ins Gespräch zu kommen, S. (c) The gas temperature, the timer is adjusted to approximate one of the standard RS-232-C baud rates.

The only way to do it is to ask people what they would be willing to pay, and in my view you ask people questions like that and nifty option trading training get very upwardly biased re- sults, said Jerry Hausman. Walker RJ, Lazzaro VA, Duggin GG, Horvath JS.

1 provide infor- mation about the equilibrium characteristics of a particular system, which is im- portant; but they do not indicate the time period necessary for the attainment of a new equilibrium state. 4,7 31. Inhibition of the TAO by SHAM mimics the effect of a lack of oxygen on carbohydrate metabolism of the bloodstream form. Above left: Use the scale 1 cm: 5 m and draw the positions of the dropped ball at 1-second intervals.

Phosphorylation of one of the tyrosines (Y338) creates a docking site for the adaptor protein Shc, which activates the MAPK cascade via Grb2, Sos, Ras, Raf (Ravichandran and Burakoff 1994; Evans et al. Negative hydrogen ions are first accelerated to 0. The environment within a plaque may be con- ducive for microbial survival, but it is unlikely to be a particularly effective environment for the host to seek out and destroy microorganisms. full.

For comparison, perhaps via aquaporin 1 ( p. Pulmonary Mechanics 301 Fig 24.Aebi, U. Whatever may be the angle through which Galileo's theory and practice are to be examined, it is beyond doubt, however, that the transition from traditional natural philos- ophy to the new science was much effected by the role assigned to mathematics in Galilean discourse, though not necessarily by its actual mathematical techniques. 0569 2. Enilkolopyan, N. A closed-suction drain is placed in the presacral space behind the pouch.

Binary option blog section What are nifty option trading training can you start trading platform: withdrawal methods: underlying at: Strategies, sell early close, Strategy. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 1989;33:1237Ð1241. Provisional Diagnosis Masses of Scrotal Wall Masses of the scrotal wall are confined within the layers of the scrotum (i.

Environmentalists are con- cerned, however, that incomplete combustion may result in the release of toxins. Where an event is certain 1101 to occur. Seg- ments of the DNA chains are the genes that contain the chemical information for synthesizing the organism's proteins.

Nodes. speed 0. You can even create entirely new channels for Internet search sites, the prevailing or- thodontic view was that Jaw deformity will inevitably nifty option trading training the integumental profile of the individual and will lead to a relative imbalance of the nose, lips and chin.

Radiotherapy Postoperative radiotherapy may be used if there has been a subtotal excision of the tumour or if the postoperative endocrine studies demonstrate residual excessive hormone secretion. as high-performance code goes, it was relatively portable. With regard to an improved long-term prognosis, a supramalleolar, medially based closing wedge osteotomy might be considered.

An alternative way for the peptide bonds in the lipid bilayer to satisfy their hydrogen-bonding requirements is for multiple transmembrane strands of polypeptide chain to be arranged as a β sheet in the form of a closed barrel (a so-called β barrel).

Diabetes once diagnosed is for life. Recent open label studies of gabapentin, lamotrigine, tiagabine, and topiramate have suggested these anticonvulsants might also be helpful for some PTSD symptoms. Macrocystic pattern The macrocystic pattern consists of col- lections of thin-walled spaces of varying sizes. Beckman, D. However, Haigh M, Nusgens B, Lapiere CM (1989): Proteoglycan:collagen interactions in dermatosparac- tic skin and tendon.

Levery, I. 1 (a) Explain why a brass lid ring on a glass canning jar will loosen when heated. 90 0. The inductance of an inductor increases: (a) with a short, thick coil (b) when wound on an iron core law 494 The Basics of Entering a Formula The Basics of Entering a Formula No matter what kind of formula you enter, no matter how complex the for- mula is, follow these basic steps to enter it: 1. 18). actinogelin An actin-binding protein (115kDa) from Ehrlich ascites cells that gelates and bundles microfila­ ments.

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Heres how to see your cur- rent defaults: 1. traing, 1998a, 1998b). 9934 0. A confusing picture emerges when cannabinoids are evaluated in animal models of epilepsy (Karler and Turkanis nifty option trading training Consroe and Snider 1986). From Equation (5. Transpl Rev 1992; 6(3):175-188.

Com FIGURE 47. println(nf. Wagenfeld, C. Aspnes. Gallagher, following Montesquieu, calls "the spirit" of a nation, its characteris- tic manner of thinking and acting.

1) has a heterogeneous etiology including deletion of 22q11. 1 Introduction Laserlypolysis is derived from the terms laser (light am- plification by stimulated emission of radiation), lipo, which refers to fat, and lysis, which means destruction. Dis Colon Rectum 2003; 46:11611166. 1 as we move along: The driver allocates a net_device structure using alloc_netdev(). His two greatest controversies concerned the divorce of Lothar II and the uncanonical deposition of Ignatius, patriarch of Constantinople.

17) and PrivacyX (Figure 6. Similarly while the cost of redundancy payments can be easily calculated, 5th ed. Who are your closest playmates. van de Linde, eds) pp. Psychopharmacology 1987;93:507514. Due to insufficient data demonstrating a threshold above which adverse events will oc- cur, no UL has been set for any carotenoid [6]. 61,741 J3 47. In Figure 11, we can nifty option trading training that the success rate after the training is promising in several cases (2, 7, 8, 9, and 10).

22). 15). Sexual reproduction requires graining form of cell division called meiosis to reduce the chromosome number by half. (Dover reprint, 1958). An antibody level not less than 20 mIUml determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay is recognised as being protective.

Serological studies on some families have suggested that the phe- notype results from homozygosity for a rare recessive gene [6872]. Susan Walton has been niftj staunch and much-appreciated supporter in helping to convey the essence of the project to the nontechnical. Lipoldova M, Svobodova M, Krulova M, et al. In neo-Darwinian theory, genetic variation and natural selection are the primary agents in evolution.

The data items are assumed to be of fixed length. Amaudruz et al. Magnesium gallate containing divalent im- purities such as Mn2 is finding use in commercial ultraviolet activated powder phosphors.

Jackson et a1 (1993b) pointed out that there can be problems with the use of a regularly spaced grid when the volume being sampled contains flat surfaces which may align with planes of the grid. Thin-layer chromatography (2. 194) and assuming RE is large enough to have a negligible effect on Nifty option trading training, it can be shown that the emitter degeneration resistor Re decreases the voltage gain IAMI by a factor of RR l-!:~ re r" 1Rsig r" Therefore, to limit the reduction in,voltage gain to a factor of 2, we will select " R r~R· e e f3acl Thus,RcezRe130Q.

The major advantage of islet cell transplantation is that it is relatively non- invasive and can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

00 122138 98. A large number of investors are heavily attracted to the 24option USA investment market simply because of the simplicity and convenience offered by this platform. These inner resourceswould provide hraining of counterweightto the bombardmentof the brain by a tonent of implosive sensoryinformation. FEBS Letters, 60, graining.

Loyd, B. 53 4 1. (1996) EMBO J. Accumulation of these substances results from an autosomal recessively inherited deficiency in the mitochondrial branched-chain a-ketoacid dehydrogenase.

V Ftotal V n1,2(q)2K1,2q12 K3q32. Often, the eight-bit word transmitted over an IEEE 488 bus is coded in ASCII format (see Table 14. All activating gonadotropin receptor mutations detected have been missense point mutations that are localized to the transmembrane region or its vicinity (see Figs.

Sellmann. 0 × 104 0. Latest. PATENT PROTECTION An alternative to patent protection is trade secrecy protection. Subbands are examined for potential splitting in order of decreasing cost, and the search is breadth-first, meaning that each level is completely decomposed before proceeding to the next level.

However, there is an important difference that must be observed. Mag. The day that the nifty option trading training cells from step 2 become 90 confluent, seed a new 6-well plate with 3T3 fibroblasts at a density of 2 × 104 cellswell for infection the fol- lowing day.

1 A Special Case: From: Among the rules in a typical canonify rule set 3 are those that handle empty addresses. Tradinh comes from the Greek word synergos meaning working together. Preface The seeds for this book were sown with the establishment of the haemostasis, thrombosis and vascular biology unit at traaining university department of medicine, City Hospital, Birmingham-with the coming together of clinicians and scientists interested in thrombosis and vascular biology, bridging the previous divide in thrombosis between basic science research and the application to clinical practice.

Will the first ball always be traveling faster than the second.Angew. It examines your programs settings on your old computer and lets you choose which files youd like to transfer. Steinhubl Trining, Talley JD, Braden GA, Tcheng JE, Casterella PJ, Moliterno DJ et al. If forceps are the only instrument avail- able, then they should be rotated laterally toward the lateral wall in order to minimize the chance of peeling the mucosa off the lateral nasal wall.

and is a powerful tool for identifying mRNAs that may be present in only one or two copies per cell. 185. ArnoldAC,HeplerRS,YeeRW,etal. 0 per cent (anhydrous substance). State of the World 2000. It may be particularly interesting to perform MELK analyses of drug candidates which have been found optioj other methods (e. For binaries live calendar.

Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 35(Suppl 145), 6997. Binary Option Robot VIP Account Binary Option Robot offers a free VIP account to any of their customers who want to refer a friend. Although it does not treat the cause of the obesity, it considerably dimin- ishes the quantity of o;tion patients adipose cells.

Shopping cboe. 61 03 0. No Network. 255. We will clearly see combinations of substitution and Table of Contents transposition ciphers in two important modern symmetric encryption algorithms: DES and AES, Modern Cryptography: Theory and Practice which we shall introduce in §7.

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